Golf Putting
Simple Putting Tips

Simple Putting Tips

Remember your frustration when you putt and the golf ball is right on target to the hole only to suddenly stop an inch away. Or even worse, your golf ball whizzes right by the hole and keeps on rolling making the next putt even further.

A lot of golf games have been lost on the putting green and it is usually due to "coming up short" or "going long" rather than the actual direction the golf ball takes. These simple putting tips will help get you on the right path.

Most people are quick to get a feel for the direction of the ball even on sloping greens. Unfortunately what they miss are the factors in determining how to putt on different green conditions. How do they prepare for this?

Determining the distance of a putt depends on many factors including the slope of the green, whether the green is wet and slow or dry and fast. With the heat of the afternoon sun, putting greens tend to get faster as the green dries off.

My first putting tip is to take a couple of practice putts right before your game. This will help you to determine the condition of the greens.  Secondly, remember to always aim for the back of the cup to help avoid coming up short on your putt. Concentrate on reading the distance to the hole so your ball doesn’t stop short. The most important putting tip is to relax and have fun!

Drive For Show and Putt For Dough!

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